Main activities


Leasing locomotives, operating locomotives


Our company has its own fleet of locomotives that fulfil its duty reliably and perfectly on several industrial railway of the country. Our locomotives are constructed and transformed according to the special and unique requirements of industrial railway services. The base of the fleet consists of the following locomotive types: A 25 (M 44), A 28 (M 32), and A 29 (M 43). Our company is the only one in Hungary that possesses a remotorized vehicle of the latter, which makes us very proud. Our locomotives are available for hire. In case of order we endeavour to provide our clients with locomotives that meet all their requirements and expectations.


All of our vehicles have official permissions issued by the National Transport Authority, so they perfectly fulfil the requirements of the national vehicle standards.


We equipped our own locomotives with 'Loop-Stop' positioning system and we continually put the supplementary generators in operation as well. By means of that we try to reduce the maintenance costs of our locomotives for our clients.


The other main profile of our company is the maintenance of locomotives. We deal with full scope maintenance, inspection and reparation of locomotives of almost all types. We have already performed complete renovation of more locomotives. We have great routine and experience in full scope maintenance of diesel-mechanical, diesel- hydraulic and diesel-electric locomotives. We can guarantee the high quality maintenances by means of excellent supplier network of components and other accessories. In case of breakdown of the vehicles, our company starts to repair the flaw as soon as possible at any day of the week or any time of the day. By that we endeavour to ensure for our clients to avoid the fall or stop of their production. If we are not able to correct the error in time, we will provide our client with a reserve locomotive.

We use components and accessories of the highest quality in the locomotives operated and maintained by our company, for example engine- and other oils or different hoses. We accomplish the reparations completely complying with the environmental protection regulations.

We continually develop our company. We try to comply with the most up-to-date challenges.